Summer Walker is featured on the remix to Pop Smoke's posthumous hit record "Mood Swings," which also includes Lil Tjay. Despite her promoting the song on social media, she crept into the comments to trash the remix, exposing the late rapper's team for reaching out to her twice to feature, reluctantly accepting.

Always outspoken, it didn't take long for the 24-year-old singer to state how much she actually dislikes her remix of Pop Smoke's song in the comments.

After somebody said that they weren't a fan of the song, which, personally, doesn't sound mixed correctly and was thrown together at the absolute last minute, Summer chimed in to say that she also wasn't a fan of the track.

"Nope, I'm not feeling it either," she said from her official account. "On top of me not writing it, but I was asked twice to do a ft with him so I did. Ima just take this L (on my end) but peace & love to him."

It doesn't take a genius to see why Summer isn't satisfied with the end result. Her verse doesn't fit the song's flow well at all and, while another big name on the track will probably push it up the charts, Summer not being happy with her involvement speaks numbers.

You may recall, 50 Cent was also unhappy with Pop's team, airing them out on Instagram a few months ago.

What did you think of the remix?