The "Girls Need Love" singer and producer London On Da Track welcomed a baby girl back in March. Summer Walker's opinionated personality immediately translated over to her approach to motherhood, as she would not show her daughter’s face on social media for safety and privacy reasons. Fans both supported and critiqued her for the decision to keep that part of her life private. Her first share of her baby girl, posted on May 15, garnered even more criticism, as some were saying the child’s legs gave the appearance of a malnourished baby, but many fans simultaneously came to her defense. 

However, there are reactions to another decision Summer seems to have made as a new parent, which is not as evenly divided. In the same IG post (below) where Summer revealed her baby (save for her face), Summer also showed off a smoothie prep routine, including a bag of organic hemp hearts, raw honey, lime, and what some speculated were shrooms from the packaging label "ultimate shrooms," however, the product is actually an immune support mushroom powder. All of these ingredients, alongside an open baby bottle, seemed to indicate that the Summer is actually blending these ingredients for her child. 

Concern for the child immediately erupted on social media, despite it being unclear whether this smoothie prep was intended for the baby. Twitter users responded jokingly (and some not jokingly) about getting CPS to investigate Summer and the health of her child.

"Can Summer Walker just let me enjoy her music in peace” one fan said

The singer first shared her thoughts on feeding on her Instagram story back in August stating, "Yall weird for even giving babies that processed government shit. Throw some real fruits/veggies in a blender and give it to them."

Twitter users are connecting this comment to her current actions, thinking now that the singer was serious about her views, and thus, she may be feeding her baby the aforementioned smoothie blend. Nonetheless, it's not entirely clear from Summer's IG post that this is the case, and she hasn't responded to all the backlash she's received (see below). 

What do you think about Summer’s feeding habits? We'll keep you posted if she replies to the drama.