Last month, Jemele Hill stirred up a discussion about "Top 5s" after she spoke about two legends who have reigned for decades. Tupac Shakur and Christopher "The Notorious B.I.G." Wallace have been staples on top rappers lists since their deaths in the mid-1990s, but as a new generation of artists have entered GOAT chats, new names are being added with each year.

Hill suggested that eventually, Pac and Biggie will be edged out of Top 10s because that is how things go as time advances, but it isn't just Rap that hosts these discussions. Conversations about the greatest R&B singers are also up for debate, and Summer Walker seemingly entered the chat.

Summer Walker
Paras Griffin / Stringer / Getty Images

We've heard the likes of Jacquees repeatedly declaring that he is the King of R&B, and while that kicked up dust when his remarks went viral, a recent post by Summer has done the same. Over on her Instagram Story, the singer reshared a post from someone who believed she deserves the queen title.

"Idc what y'all say @summerwalker is the QUEEN OF R&B of this generation," the person wrote. "Don't @ me argue with yo mama." This has sparked a debate online as people weigh in. Walker's fans agree with the sentiment while others suggest Jazmine Sullivan or Kehlani deserve the title. Check it all out below.