When a club owner or promoter wants to bring a rapper into their establishment, they have to pay. There are different levels to that scale though, because having a rapper come host does not have the same cost as paying them to perform. Apparently, that discrepancy is what caused a toxic situation at a recent Summer Walker show. According to The Shade Room, Walker was booked to appear at the XL Nightlife in Elizabeth, New Jersey to host an event. The club was holding the official afterparty for one of her concerts. Promoters publicized the event as a three-song performance, although Walker was only booked to host. She did that job dutifully, unaware that she was expected to perform. Attendees began to boo Walker after not receiving what they expected though. The entire development played into the ongoing internet perception that Walker has a disconnect with fans in public. 

Walker took to Twitter to respond to the disgruntled fans and explain her side of the story. "Ya'll gotta stop letting these promoters finesse ya"ll," revealed Walker on social media. "I DO NOT, 'I REPEAT, I DO NOT' sing on couches. Put some respect on my name if you would like to see me perform I'll be at Terminal 5 on the 7th & Jimmy Fallon on the 9th, that's where you can see me perform."