When you sell out two back-to-back shows at New York City's Terminal 5 venue, you're surely going to be feeling yourself. Summer Walker's Instagram posts on Saturday night (Dec. 7) confirmed that. Despite cutting down her tour recently to cope with her social anxiety, Walker has been giving her all at her remaining shows. Not only do fans get to sing along to one of the best albums of the year, but they also get to take in Walker's beauty in-person. 

Last night, the R&B songstress appeared on stage in two-piece outfit with a multicoloured sequin pattern. For those who couldn't score a ticket to the concert (or those who simply don't live in NYC), Walker shared some videos that capture her dazzling look. In one, she spins around to let the light reflect off her garments. In case she got cold in the New York winter, she draped a long fur coat over the two-piece to complete her powerful aesthetic. 

One of the standout moments of Walker's performances is said to be when she does a pole-dancing routine, making use of her past experience as a stripper. TheShadeRoom shared a video from last night's show in which the singer seductively spins around the pole and fans shout with excitement. If any notable highlights come out of Walker's Sunday set at Terminal 5, we'll be sure to inform you of them.