Summer Walker recently welcomed her first child with famed producer London on da Track sometime late last month. While she has been incredibly vague about the details surrounding her birth, her daughter's name, and photos of the newborn, by the looks of it, she does seem to be enjoying motherhood. 

On the other hand, the songstress and London have historically had a pretty rocky relationship. The on-again-off-again couple was on at the time of their daughter's birth, posing for maternity photos together. Based on a recent post from the songstress, however, it seems like there may be trouble in paradise.

On her alternative Instagram account she often uses to express her more honest--and sometimes controversial thoughts, she hinted at being done with dating men. "Where the b*tches at?" penned the singer on her Instagram story yesterday, adding in a rainbow emoji signifying her alleged joining of the queer community.

She continued up with a more raunchy second post, "I never wanna see another [eggplant emoji] again I'm scarred fo life," throwing in. a laughing emoji. 

Image via Instagram

Image via Instagram

While it's not clear exactly who the Over It artist could be hinting scarred her, her relationship with London on da Track has been notably tumultuous. 

It is worth noting that they have both wiped all evidence of one another from their socials, so they may very well be going through a rough patch. As usual, though, it's no telling when or if these two will reconcile eventually.