Summer Walker does not trust the COVID-19 vaccine, warning her fans to stay away from people who have been vaccinated. She posted multiple direct messages that she has received from fans who claim they have had strange side effects from being near people who got the jab, including bleeding, bruising, spontaneous periods, and miscarriages.

"We're all f*cked," she wrote on her alternate Instagram page. "Stay the f*ck away from people who were vaccinated," she co-signed, sharing a message from another skeptical anti-vaxxer who claimed people are getting these symptoms from simply being in close proximity to someone who got the shot, which scientifically makes no sense. You cannot get any symptoms from being close to somebody who had the vaccine. 

Randy Shropshire/Getty Images

"Damn all these f*cked up dm's," continued the prolific R&B singer. "Lol but I'm 'dumb.' Ppl kill with that 'stop spreading harmful misinformation.' Just cause a white man on cnn didn't say it doesn't mean it's misinformation." No, but world-renowned scientists are saying the vaccine is far less potentially harmful than catching COVID-19... are you trusting Summer Walker or thousands of scientists leading in their field across the world?

Last year, Summer Walker said the government was trying to "scare" people with information about the virus. She also theorized that the virus was created as a means to control the population

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