When Supreme Griff's son posted a photo of himself and 50 Cent's oldest son on Instagram, Fiddy was not pleased at all. In fact, he commented on the photo and said that he "wouldn't have a bad day" if they were both hit by a bus. We recounted 50 Cent's troubled history with his son Marquise here but now, a new development is making its way around the net. The man who posted the photo, Supreme McGriff Jr., has explained his reasoning behind the caption he originally put during a new interview, revealing that the photo in question was actually taken years ago.

During his appearance on FlipDaScript, Supreme's son says that the photo of him with Marquise Jackson is about four years old. When he initially took the picture, he said that he actually didn't even know who Marquise was. One of his friends had tried to get them to link up and the photo was never seen publicly until about two years later. Once McGriff Jr. found out he was posing next to Marquise, he found it funny.

One of the hosts loses his cool while interviewing the young man. Supreme's son doesn't necessarily confirm whether or not he posted it to get under 50 Cent's skin but it's pretty clear that he was trying to stir something up.