Supreme and photographer Richard Prince are releasing a special edition t-shirt dedicated to the 18 women (and Stormy Daniels) who have accused Donald Trump of sexual abuse. The t-shirt which goes by the name "18 & Stormy," the name issued by Prince for his printed works, features an image of an identified portrait, symbolizing the Women silenced by Trump's "defensive" rhetoric.

The original print can be purchased as well, in a 33" x 26.4" reprinted format, independent of the Supreme collaboration. Check it out here at Richard Prince's online shop.

All the proceeds for the "18 & Stormy" t-shirt press will go towards "Downtown for Democracy," an initiative that depicts itself as a "political action committee founded by creative people to transform cultural influence into political power."

The t-shirt is expected to "hit shelves" later in the afternoon at Supreme's New York storefront and on its online shop. Supreme is conjointly preparing a branded melodica instrumental, or "blow-organ" as it's more commonly known. For those that don't know, the melodica is a free-reed instrument you blow into as you tread over makeshift piano keys.

Curious to note, Stormy Daniel is exempt from the 18 nameless accusers, due to the extraneous conditions of her agreement with Trump. Go cop that Supreme x Richard Prince collab when it drops later today.