Earlier this week, it was revealed that Supreme would be starting off their Spring/Summer collection with a bang thanks to their upcoming collaboration with cookie brand, Oreo. Fans were absolutely perplexed by the announcement as it's not every day you see a streetwear brand get into the food business. Considering it's Supreme we're talking about, many hypebeasts eventually came around to the idea and now, the hype surrounding the release is astronomical.

The collab will be sold in packs of three and it will cost $8 USD. This collab is dropping online on February 27th although some packs have already made it into the hands of collectors. Hilariously, these packs are already selling for an obscene amount of money on resale websites. According to the New York Post, some packs are selling for thousands of dollars. In the screenshot below, you can see one pack set at $4,000. 


Image via eBay

These prices are fairly insane but they aren't surprising when you stop and think about the power of Supreme. Regardless of how you feel about the streetwear giant, there is no denying that they know how to market their products and get people excited. 

Luckily, these prices are bound to go down once the online release goes down next Thursday. With this in mind, let us know in the comments below whether or not you plan on copping these Supreme branded treats.