As reported, R. Kelly threatened to sue Lifetime if they went ahead with the airing of a docuseries that paints him in a sadistic light. It turns out, Lifetime is not intimated by R. Kelly's legal jaunt and is prepared to go ahead with the series premiere tonight at 9 pm, just as planned.

Reps for the television network relayed their fortuitous message to TMZ, in the hopes their memo would reach the widest possible audience. Admittedly, Lifetime is siding with the women who have mounted accusations against R. Kelly over the years -  the docuseries should reflect that. "Lifetime has always been a brand that champions women’s stories," they reiterated as their grandstanding mission.

The new series titled "Surviving R. Kelly" will feature testimonies from members of R. Kelly's inner circle, past and present. Besides posting a certifiable cease and desist letter to Lifetime's main registrar, Kelly has published a PR statement of his own, calling BS on the authenticity of the claims made against him in the docuseries.

Given the official nature of R. Kelly's legal tender, Lifetime still runs the risk of losing a defamation suit at a future date. The show will hit the airwaves with zero opposition from a tertiary ruling party. "Surviving R. Kelly" will thereby go to press, as lawyers do battle on the sidelines. Get your popcorn ready.