The Michigan college student accused of killing his own parents while on campus at Central Michigan University has been captured and arrested following a manhunt that last nearly 24 hours.

It was James Eric Davis Jr. who was pegged as the gunman behind the shooting on Friday that left James Eric Davis Sr, 48, and Diva Jeenen Davis, 47, dead following a family-related domestic dispute on campus.

"The suspect was seen and reported by an individual on a train passing through the north end of campus shortly after midnight," the university said in a statement. "…CMU President George E. Ross thanks the campus and surrounding community, and many law enforcement personnel who came together to keep each other safe and apprehend the suspect.”

The shooting took place at around 8:30 a.m. on the fourth floor of the school’s Campbell residence hall when the 19-year old Davis’s parents came to pick him up and take him home for spring break following his release from the hospital after being admitted for a drug-related incident the night before. According to police the weapon used against the elder Davises was a gun belonging to Davis Sr., a police officer in the Bellwood suburb of Chicago.

"What we know for sure is that the gun was registered to his father, and that we saw [Davis Jr.] come from the parking lot into our residence hall with the gun, and the father was upstairs at that time," police Chief Bill Yeagley said at a news conference Saturday.

The fatal shooting led to a campus-wide lockdown and rescheduling of events including the men’s basketball team’s game. This has been the United States’ 12th reported shooting at a school this year alone.