This past week, a noted mobster believed to be acting boss of the Gambino Crime Family was found dead outside his private residence. Without making further presumptions over the case, it might be worth reporting the details which have come to light since Frank Cali's death. For one, a 24-year-old man from Brick, New Jersey has already been arrested in connection with the murder.

After reaching out to Jersey officials governing their jurisdiction over the case, the NYPD has identified the suspect as Anthony Camello, whom they claim is a known conspiracy theorist. They were able to link him to Cali's murder after finding his fingerprints on a silver Cadillac Escalade belonging to the deceased mobster.

The Feds are upholding surveillance footage showing Camello picking up the fallen license plate of Cali's Cadillac Escalade, handing it over, retreating a few steps, then opening fire on the reputed crime boss. Somewhere within that exchange, the two men are believed to have shaken hands, a most ominous way to go out.

Chief of Detectives Dermot Shea says that he and his NYPD constituents are unclear as to Carmello's motives, but they're sure it's him in the surveillance footage. They aren't ready to rule out the possibility that Camello was acting on someone else's command or on a contract killing.