Swae Lee is the latest celebrity to expose his "junk" on the internet, and from the looks of it, it won't end fortuitously for the Rae Sremmurd rapper. Swae quickly jumped on the defensive moments after the video footage first surfaced, but not soon enough to prevent the ensuing Twitter onslaught of "he's a grower, not a shower"-type jokes. Nevertheless, his response counts for something in the synopsis. Swae's alibi goes a little something like this: he was trying to give the Instagram public, a glimpse of his new tattoo when the phone slipped exposing his lower-torso.

If you must, the video footage can be viewed here, as it will soon be quite ubiquitous on social media in the coming days. As I mentioned before, the internet has become a hostile place for Swae Lee and his closest of kin. The overlying sentiment does not favor the "Oopsy Daisy" line of thinking, but rather, a storyline that depicts a philanderous rapper getting caught in the act. For what it's worth, the incoming crisis could have been prevented, if only Swae Lee wore clothing on a "full-time basis" - but alas the young sputnik is hell-bent on living it up close the edge. Here are some of the better retorts to appear on Twitter in particular.