Rae Sremmurd prides themselves on having one of the wildest shows in the game but unfortunately, that also means that things could go left at any time. During a stop in Dallas, TX during the "Dazed & Blazed" tour, Swae Lee got his lip busted by a fan who thought it was a bright idea to throw a phone at the rapper's face. Thankfully, the rapper made it to the hospital after his set to get some stitches.


Footage circulated last night of Swae Lee's bloodied face after he got hit with a cell phone by a fan during a concert. The injuries he sustained were pretty horrific and it looks like it was so bad that he required stitches.


While he said that he might need to take a few days off of tour, he got stitches and is ready to continue the tour. The rapper initially said that he'll be taking legal action against the person who threw the phone at him. He initially said it during the concert, then doubled down on the legal threats in a video posted to his Instagram story shortly after.

"This bitch threw a phone on stage, fucked my whole lip up," he said. "I'm 'bout to sue. I ain't never thought I would have to sue a fan."


But he's changed his mind since then. The rapper took to Twitter earlier today to reveal that he won't be filing a lawsuit against the fan after all.

"And I won’t be suing the fan , imma charge it to the game just be more careful," he wrote. "I’m here to perform not dodgeball"