Swae Lee Is The Infomercial King In "Someone Said"

Alex Zidel
March 03, 2020 15:15

Swae Lee is fresh out of an advertisement in the music video for "Someone Said," which features multiple infomercial scenes.

There's nothing better than binge-watching infomercials on a lazy Sunday morning. Alright, there are tons of things that are better but, growing up, we all spent some time enjoying Billy Mays and Vince Offer hawk their ridiculous products through the television screen. Clearly, Swae Lee remembers the good ole' days when Netflix and Hulu were simply ideas and we were forced to watch the shittiest programs possible to pass the time. Releasing his brand new music video for "Someone Said," his latest single, the Rae Sremmurd rapper takes centre stage as the star of his very own infomercial, selling us kitchen appliances, spa equipment, and more.

The video begins on a rainy night, showing an older woman asleep on her lounge chair as the television plays in the background. She wakes up to learn of Swae Lee's Greatest Hits collection before the singer promotes the SwaeSpa, Swae's Towels, the Swae Body Training System, and his own adult-only hotline. We even get a cameo from Minister Swae himself!

This is one of the most creative music videos to have released so far this year, and it is definitely worth your while. Even if you're not completely feeling the song yet, allow Swae Lee to change your mind with the video.

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