Street performers can be entertaining to watch. Depending on their persistence, the artists that take to the streets to spread their art are a welcome part of a culture. Swae Lee was down in Sydney, Australia on tour earlier this month. He was wandering the landscape of the city when he ran into two street performers. Named Jake and Freem, the two boys were blown away that Swae was there walking down the road. Equally as impressed with their talent, Swae joined them and performed his hit song "Sunflower." The single came from the Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse movie soundtrack, and shot to the top of the charts. The two street performers were joyous, and took to social media to share videos of the experience.

"I wanna thank Swae Lee for making me and my lil bros dreams come true," reads the description. "One of our musical idols performing with us live on the streets of Sydney and taking time out of his busy schedule 🙏🚀 thanks big bro 🙏👊🏿 We feel so honoured and blessed to be given the opportunity to perform live wit you tomorrow night thanks 🙏 so much 😍 We will never forget this day 💕🔥🙏 Love your lil bros Jake and Freem."