A few months after Travis Scott's Astroworld dropped in 2018, a fan tweeted that they found Swae Lee's vocals "Sicko Mode" to be soothing. Even though Swae's contribution to the track is the mere repetition of the line, "Someone said", it's definitely a highlight. After the Rae Sremmurd member saw the compliment, he was inspired and replied that he would "make this a whole song with like verses and all for y’all." Over a year later, this ingenious idea is finally coming to fruition. 

Earlier this week, Swae Lee shared a Triller video of him going bonkers on a tour bus with his new single, "Someone Said", playing. While Swae's line in "Sicko Mode" may have initially been considered to be soothing, he has now flipped it into a banger. Social media erupted upon hearing the snippet and demanded that Swae hand it over. This wish is being granted because the rapper just announced that he will release "Someone Said" on Friday (Feb. 28). He also shared the killer cover art for it. 

There was a bit of drama surrounding Swae not getting proper credit for his significant addition to "Sicko Mode". He wasn't listed as a feature on the song as Drake was. After the music video released, Swae snidely remarked that he was left out of it. Although he later clarified that he's not stressing about the whole situation, "Someone Said" will now cash in on his brilliant vocal.