In the last year, Swae Lee and Marliesia Ortiz have broken up and gotten back together a handful of times. Each instance has been as dramatic as the last. Ortiz enjoys airing out her personal drama online for the world to see, which can pose an issue since she's dating a celebrity. In the past, Marlie has accused Swae of domestic violence, cheating, and a slew of other things. At the end of the day, the two always seem to end up back together. Maybe that says something about the love they share for one another... or they might just be young and dumb. In the latest dramatic happening between the couple, Swae's girlfriend leaked his phone number online and asked people to hit him up to let him know "how fucked up he has [her.]"

Not the most mature approach but we're sure it was effective. At the very least, the Rae Sremmurd member will need to get a new number now. She wrote, "And don't come to my house I moved the keys , if you come to my house imma hit you in your shit and bust the windows out your car you weirdo ass n***a." So... I guess they've broken up again?

The post has since been deleted and for Swae's privacy, the phone number was written over.