There's been a lot of drama happening between Swae Lee and his on-and-off girl and IG model, Marlie, this weekend. Actually, the drama's been going on for a while. Their fights have been documented on social media several times and it seems it's time the two went their separate ways. If Swae listens to his mother's advice, then this will be the case. 

On Saturday, it was reported that Marlie posted IG stories of herself on Swae's lawn, shouting at him from a distance that she tried to bust his car windows and that "he's a broke ass bitch." Even more alarmingly, she wrote "Someone kill him I got $20k cash for you." Later in the day, Marlie retracted her offer and wrote on IG, "I was mad and meant nothing I said. We good now u guys can chill."

However, Swae is not prepared to patch things up so quickly, which may be due to the guidance of his mother. Mama Sremm posted an IG story directly calling out Marlie for her audacious antics: "@marlie IF ANYBODY TOUCHES MY SON I WILL PUT A BULLET IN YOUR HEAD MYSELF." Apparently she wasn't happy with DJ Akademik's coverage of the situation either because the second half of her message read: "@djakademiks since you giving this tacky bitch clout #bang." On top of this, Mama Sremm sent Swae a long text message about being careful which women he gets involved with so he doesn't end up with a "bum ass bitch." 

It appears his mom doesn't have much to worry about anymore because Swae has repeatedly stated that he is single. "I’m waaaaay to cute for drama I been SINGLE for a minute 2020 I’ll clear things up," he captioned two photos of himself on Saturday. "PS X CLOUT IS ONE HELL OF A DRUG !!!," he added. His mom echoed this view in a post of her own. Swae also commented on TheShadeRoom's post about this mess, "Single like this so I can find my soul mate." So Swae is on the search for a girl who won't smash his whips or threaten his life.