Swae Lee just lost his pet monkey after Los Angeles law enforcement raided his home, The Blast reports. This comes a few hours after Mally Mall's home was raided due to possession and trafficking of exotic animals. The California Fish and Wildlife officials told the publication that they've been investigating into trafficking and possession of exotic animals within the Cali area which resulted in several raids.

Law enforcement said that the police went to his home in Chatsworth, which he purchased earlier this year, and seized his pet spider monkey from the property. The Rae Sremmurd member didn't receive any citations by the Fish and Wildlife Agents. No word on if Swae was actually at the home when the raid went down.

The raid doesn't come as that much of a shock considering Mally Mall's home was raided for similar reasons. The reports said that police said they received tips about Mally Mall's Instagram posts which included his pet monkey. In January 2018, he shared a photo of himself with his pet monkey while kicking it with Swae Lee. Officials seized his Cotton-top Tamarin monkey as well as his Serval cat.

Both Swae Lee and Mally Mall didn't hide their affection for their exotic animals on Instagram. In fact, their social media feeds were filled with pictures of their pet monkeys.