Swizz Beatz ain't just an artist when it comes to music, apparently, the "Money In The Bank" rapper has a thing for painting and recently linked up with Raq Rants on BET and whipped up a nice piece of art for charity. The canvas with his signature on the back will be sold and all proceeds will go towards Children's Rights, an organization fighting to protect children who are harmed by America's broken welfare, juvenile justice, education, and healthcare systems.

Swizz's colourful painting is currently taking bids right now and the highest bid out of 56 is $2,025.00. This isn't the first time Swizz has dabbled with a paintbrush, Jay Z and Beyonce even own a few pieces of his work so needless to say this offering of art is one of many rare selections. Check out a clip from Swizz's Raq Rants visit below. The winner of Swizz's art will also receive host Raquel's portrait of DMX and Swizz. 

"I mean, the real DMX is a great guy, you know? He's one of the most caring people I ever met," Swizz previously stated of DMX. "I remember us going to this restaurant and he just wanted to pay for everybody's food. It wasn't like a restaurant like in Harlem or something. I forgot, where was we? We was somewhere, and it was just a mix of people, and he was just like, "My vibe is telling me I want to pay for everybody's food." I was like, "Well damn, that's generous as hell." Like, everybody's food?"