Verzuz has just been getting better. We've seen some of the most iconic line-ups go down, and it seems in recent, they've only been trying to get the most legendary figures facing off to celebrate their respective catalogs. But, we all must admit, Verzuz has strayed far from its origins of producers and songwriters. The star-element is part of its allure now.

It seems that Swizz and Timbaland are aiming high for future Verzuz line-ups. In a recent interview on Jalen & Jacoby, Swizz revealed his dream line-ups for Verzuz. "My dream one is to try to figure out a way to do 'Pac and Biggie in a way that the people is gonna really love it," Swizz said. It's ambitious, especially since both artists passed away over 20 years ago. 

"I got you on that! I got the idea for it," Timbo said. "I'mma call you later! Oh, but not even that, we got go Prince and Michael Jackson!"

There's potential for holograms to be used in their endeavors but Timbaland and Swizz didn't confirm that would be the case. Truthfully, it's hard to imagine how exciting this could actually be, especially since it's been nearly a decade since the Tupac hologram at Coachella appeared. 

What do you think a Tupac and Biggie "Verzuz" would look like? Sound off in the comments.