Often, artists speak about the love that they have for one another or take to social media to give those that they admire their "flowers," but sincerity is difficult to come by in the music industry. There have been plenty of stories shared over the years about snakes, sharks, scammers, and double-dealers, but sometimes, two artists come together to form a lifelong bond like Swizz Beatz and DMX.

The world suffered a tremendous loss when DMX passed away, and Swizz stood by the rapper's side until the end. The pair have referred to one another as brothers, and during X's memorial service, Swizz addressed those who hurried to get their exclusive passes to DMX's funeral but were absent when he was hurting.

It was a moving moment that has been viewed online by millions in the weeks that have passed, and during his recent interview with Angie Martinez, Swizz explained why he decided to speak up. He said that fans had shown DMX "a lot of love," but it was "the other love he was looking for and I don't think he got a lot of" it.

“And that’s what made me want to say what I said at his homegoing because I was dealing with a lot of that on the other side," said Swizz. "And I was with X a lot. Especially even recently, back to back. So, I was very current in his life and understanding where he was at and what he was going through. And so, when I started seeing things, as his brother, naturally, it just bothered me. I couldn't help but say what I said. And I meant what I said."

Angie wanted to know if Swizz was referring to industry people or other artists. "Friends, family members, business members, you name it. There's a bucket of those people that I was talking to because they all got they different things with him. I got to see all sides. It's just like, a lot of people just always wanna take advantage at the wrong time. I don't like none of that."

Swizz was then praised for being a genuine, authentic friend to DMX throughout his triumphs and trials, but the megaproducer graciously thanked Angie for the compliments but added he was just doing what he was supposed to do. Watch Swizz Beatz chop it up with Angie Martinez below.