It's been almost two months since DMX tragically passed away. As the world mourns the late musical pioneer, many members of the hip-hop community have continued to tribute and pay their respects to him. Jay-Z recently recalled how he boycotted the Grammys because they failed to nominate X, while his posthumous release Exodus has been embraced with open arms by fans. 

The star-studded memorial service for X took place in Brooklyn at Barclay's center in April and was attended by his family and friends. At the service, Swizz Beatz aired out his frustrations, addressing those who were quick to secure their exclusive passes to the event but were MIA when he was hurting. The producer recently appeared alongside his Verzuz co-creator Timbaland on REVOLT's "Drink Champs" series hosted by N.O.R.E. and DJ EFN where he touched on the call-out, addressed critics of X's Exodus project, and more. 

Tasos Katopodis/Getty Images for Fanatics

Divulging why he felt the need to make the statements, he maintained that he was not directing his statements at any particular person or group, adding that it was as if X "came through me."  “Even at the funeral when I said what I said, it was because of many people and many things,” explains Swizz.

He continued, “I was very close to Dog up until his last days, we had just finished the record so I was current on all his events. And X only wanted love, he didn’t want money. He didn’t really care about success that much. He just wanted to ride remote control cars, drive his four-wheelers, play pool, very simple guy."

"But, it was certain people that he really wanted love from that it was hard for him to get the love from. So, when I see them people now showing up, and then, now making the day about them, I just had an energy. And I feel X came through me and made me say what I had to say,” he finished. 

Elsewhere, he touched on critics of X's "new sound" on Exodus. “We gotta allow people to grow. We could’ve had a bunch of murder murder songs, but X listens to R&B music. X got soul, X likes to tell stories... " reasoned Swizz. To hear more, check out the full "Drink Champs" episode below.