The Game decided to share his list of the best ten rappers that are still alive (in his opinion) on social media this week, causing quite a bit of shock with his choices. Specifying that he had left himself out of the conversation, The Game revealed that JAY-Z, Nas, and Eminem are at the top of his list. That's not where people found issues. Near the end of his top ten, the rapper included names like Lil Baby, J. Cole, and Snoop Dogg, which didn't entirely resonate with his audience.

His list was widely publicized after he posted it, being shared on popular hip-hop blogs across Instagram and Twitter. The Game has yet to clarify some of his picks from the list, which was published fourteen hours ago at the time of publication, but it doesn't seem to correspond to a lot of other people's personal selections. Even Swizz Beatz made sure to seemingly tell The Game that he wasn't feeling this list.


Commenting the "X" emoji on Akademiks' post of the tally, Swizz Beatz racked up over a thousand likes as people rushed to find contrarian responses to The Game. Some folks are upset that Game would decide to place J. Cole on the list over somebody like Kanye West, who has been in the game for longer and has a near-perfect discography. Others are calling out Game for claiming he can go blow-for-blow with any rapper on the list, even Eminem and Nas. "The game is NOT seeing Nas bar for bar," wrote a fan in the comments.

What do you think about The Game's list? Do you agree with him, or are you more on Swizz Beatz's side?

Slaven Vlasic/Getty Images