Just yesterday, SZA's followers took notice of a series of convoluted postings, the last of which depicted her in warrior princess cosplay for the second time in so many days. Since then, SZA is offering us yet another look at her primeval looks, but that's not all. TDE's leading lady also altered her name to Amarachi Chinonso, which roughly translates to "God's grace is close" in the Igbo dialect of Nigeria.

Kevin Mazur/Getty Images

And yet, this transliteral revelation doesn't bring us any closer to understanding what SZA is getting up to, though it stands to reason the Igbo motif is a strong nod to Garveryism and pro-Wakandism in its archival form. Just three days ago she wrote, "I dunno what’s happening to me. I think I’m dying. I think I love it. Birth. Fuck it." As it stands, SZA isn't even remotely closer to understanding this existential ennui that she's experiencing, but on the flip side, she does seem a lot less concerned, and way more fortified in battle-ready armor, should those pangs come to life in the physical form. 

Incidentally, all of this costuming is taking place in the public eye. Due to that, a whole slew of celeb-friends jumped in to comment and laugh at her expense. Joey Bada$$ flirtishly compared her to Wonder Woman, Trouble blew his nose with emoji characters, Bryson Tiller pulled up with the double-edged sword (out of context), while actress Skai Jackson simply let the heart-eyes emoji run rampant like a domestic was waltzing on her trackpad. What's your read on the situation, comment below?