From watching the hour-long conversation that SZA had with Kerwin Frost on his new web series, Kerwin Frost Talks, SZA's spiritual side is on full display. She discusses chakras, crystals and the stones in her "functional jewelry" with a passionate, almost-nerdy fascination. When it comes to her feelings towards her own music, she expresses them in similarly spiritual terms.

Although the CTRL artist is confident about having reached the point where she can trust her own intuition in the studio, she reveals that many collaborations with other artists have caused her to veer away from it. Having to adapt her sound to suit the vibe and vision of someone else causes her body and spirit to not recognize herself upon hearing her feature on their song. She cited examples of when this occurred, including DJ Khaled's "Just Us", Cardi B's "I Do" and Maroon 5's "Girls Like You". Despite stressing that she doesn't necessarily dislike these songs, she explains that "that version of [herself] is unfamiliar to [her] spirit". She also claimed that this is the case for Rihanna's "Consideration", even though SZA wrote the song. She told Kerwin that there is an alternate version of the track that might even make it on to SZA's sophomore effort. 

Although SZA may feel somewhat disconnected from these past features, she revealed in the interview that she has new collaborations coming out soon that are more true to herself. She has a song with Post Malone that feels "a little more" familiar, and one with Justin Timberlake that she described as "BIG me".