SZA's got some serious fans who seemingly know what she's all about and know how to make her day. The TDE singer was at Powerhouse NYC yesterday and took the stage to perform some of her hottest tracks. At some point before or after the show, she was amongst a crowd of fans and got the attention of someone who handed her a customized bible. 

"Wanted you to know I’m thinking of you . U handed me this in a crowd yesterday and whispered something in my ear . I hugged u and heard u. Thank you . bless whoever and wherever u are 🙏🏾," she captioned a photo of the gift on her feed. 

SZA, born Solána Imani Rowe, has talked about her religious upbringing before and how she was raised Muslim on her father's side but her mother was Christian. "My dad kind of ran the household," she previously stated. "But I still go to church every other week with my mother because he's an understanding… human being." 

Last year SZA shared a passage from a Christian Bible on Twitter and a fan replied questioning if she was really Muslim. "My mother is Christian. This book is a gift from my mother and granny," she responded to the inquiry. "I don't filter goodness. All good things are good."