SZA is revving up into the next chapter of her career. After the substantial success of her studio album entitled CTRL, fans have been fiending for a new project from the singer. 

She let her fans know that her next full-length release called A is already completed. Excerpts of new music were also shared shortly after. Video clips captured snippets of two different tracks and were uploaded to her IG story.

The first is a smooth song that seems to be built on the theme of being completely caught up in somebody else. The phrase "Stuck in the feelin'" is repeated multiple times in the preview.


The next one leans towards the existential. SZA seems to express her desire to break away from external expectations and live a life free of society's failings.

"Listening to everyone else / Sick of my pride / Sick of just saying shit just to be nice / Sick Of this world / How do I get by"


While waiting for the drop, her fans are finding ways to keep busy by analyzing her social media posts. After SZA shook everyone with a neon green hairdo, she also had her following buzzing with photos that prompted speculations about plastic surgery. They clearly need this music, ASAP.