SZA keeps it 100 with her fans and she never holds back when it comes to dishing the dirt. Today, the CTRL artist comes through with a funny anecdote, simply because someone asked for a "story time" post. The artist delivered the goods masterfully.

It all began when someone brought brownies to work. 

"Aight so bim. I walk into work and shorty has a full container of brownies she brought from home. Fresh hot .. seems normal."

Homegirl was genuinely exacted about the free snacks. The unsuspecting, gluttonous SZA took two of them.

"She opens em in the break room and everybody starts crowding like ooooo aaahhh . She DONT SAY NUFFIN BOUT NO DRUGS"

"Everybody takes one (u know when niggas say everybody it’s really 3 ppl) ..mind u I’m new here ..nobody’s eating the whole thing but MY hungry ass eats TWO like mmmm ya free BREAKFASS !!..30 mins pass"

Then, her body started acting funky. Her colleagues weren't finna save her either.

"I start to sweat .. I’m looking at niggas across the sales floor they laughing and shit.. I’m like wow I gotta boo boo I’m nauseous I’m..mind u I ain’t even KNOW...10 more mins pass."

Ultimately, her livelihood was robbed by the weed brownie-wielding shorty. SZA lost her office job while she was too high to even understand what was going on.

"Long story short I’m the only one coming out of their actual skin looking like I ATE meth . I get called to the office I don’t know why this is happening I tell her I need a doctor. She fires me . I spend the rest of the day in a Mexican restaurant searching for answers #SETUP"