Usually, SZA is not comfortable enough to send unreleased music to her mother. This week, she bit the bullet and decided to get her opinion on some of the songs she's been working on.

"No ones opinion matters more than my ma .. cause she don’t know me like dat .. but she know me like det," explained the TDE singer.

Noting that she doesn't think her mother ever listened to her critically-acclaimed hit album CTRL, SZA sucked it up and sent over some music that she's got in the stash, asking for her opinion. What she sent back was probably the most adorable review she's ever gotten about her art.

"Sitting here, eyes closed, rocking from side to side to your music," wrote SZA's mom. "There is no one quite like you and your sound. Soothing and disrupting at the same time. Such rich variations in texture, tone, and tempos. And I was surprised by your sweet homa'ge to your granny. Love it and love you and thank you so much for stepping out of what's comfortable to share it with me. I feel so special. Excited for you!"

John Shearer/Getty Images

It's unclear when/if the song will ever be released but it's worth noting that, for a while now, SZA has been promising the arrival of new music. From her mom's review, we're hoping this one is included.