SZA's been looking all kinds of fit and fabulous in her latest Instagram posts, showing off her A+ outfits and more recently her gym regime. The "Love Galore" singer posted a video of her on a leg press machine, benching a serious amount of weight - 585 pounds to be exact. 

"585. Fight me lol (I know not to lock my knees I have a hyper extension and I was tied! 😩)," she captioned the video. SZA has been very vocal in the past about her inner and outer transformation since entering the music industry. She's previously stated how she once weighed 190 pounds and would solely wear her dad's oversized t-shirts.  

“I think there are a lot of standards that people told me about that I didn’t see. I started, I was 190 pounds, I only wore my dad’s big t-shirts and socks on stage, no shoes, and didn’t even notice; never complained or tripped about my makeup," she said, further explaining how her manager (Punch) never pushed her to change and be who she wasn't. 

“It was just a matter of where I was in my mind, but I did also come out of that space where I was like, I feel like I want to change. I want to be different. I want to grow. I want to learn. I think it’s one thing to be comfortable, but then it’s one thing to not see your full potential and your full picture. The standard should really come [from] within.”