Billboard's Women in Music 2018 gala was held last night in New York City to a crowd of invited guests, which included the TDE brass, on hand to lend their support for the label's singer-songwriter par excellence, SZA. Before the CTRL-singer could accept her "Rule Breaker" award from the Billboard committee, she had to endure a longwinded speech by Anderson .Paak, there in only one capacity: to shower her with praise. "SZA is a gutsy woman who is already in control," he exclaimed before turning things over to SZA and her acceptance speech, but not before cutting right into a video montage celebrating SZA as an artist with an "imperfectly perfect" knack for rebellious serenades.

After Paak handed her the trophy, and only after, was SZA able to speak her piece. "I'm just so thankful for everyone having patience with me," she stated earnestly in her acceptance speech, before thanking TDE's CEO  Terrence "Punch" Henderson for "having a heart of gold" in the beginning stages of her career (before she took off). 

SZA wasn't the only person woman honored last night, as several "influential" women with backroom roles were also credited for their achievements, some of which included label heads, A&Rs, and of course Ariana Grande who garnered the biggest prize: "Woman of the Year."