If you don't already recognize that T-Pain is a man of the people, pay closer attention. Long has the legendary Rappa Ternt Sanga built a steady online community through his Twitch page, a platform that has seen him engaging with fans through gaming and beat-making live streams. In truth, it's helped bring the artist closer to his fans, his affable nature and industry experience making him a must-follow for any hip-hop loving Twitch user. 

T-Pain Twitch

Mark Davis/Getty Images 

As T-Pain has built up a fair number of beats in his repertoire, many of which were created in realtime during his streams, he's certainly got a wide variety of bangers in the stash. And while another artist might have been tempted to use them for his own gains, T-Pain decided to pay it forward and make his instrumentals available for any Twitch streamer who needs music.  

"That's what I'm doing for you muthafuckas," declares a smiling T-Pain, upon finishing his latest creation. "All these beats I done made on live, all these beats I done made for the fuckin challenges and shit, I'ma give them to ya'll so ya'll can use them on ya'lls streams. I'ma make a whole fuckin' folder and make it so you can download all these beats I've been making, and any one you want to use on your stream, ya'll got my fuckin' blessin bro!" 

Check out the wholesome move on T-Pizzle's official Twitch page, and show some love to one of the most endearing -- and generous -- personalities in the game.