We’re still reeling from Kanye West and Lil Pump’s “I Love It” collaboration, and while many are still dissecting the track’s music video, other fans are letting their ears get to work.

Most recently a Twitter user uploaded an old clip of T-Pain working on a beat while on Instagram Live a while back, noting similarities between the Florida native’s production and the backdrop to “I Love It.”

“So why does Kanye’s song with lil Pump sounds like @TPAIN instrumental he made a while back,” user @1KING_MUFASA questioned.

Soon enough though, T-Pain came back with a very plausible answer, explaining that he left that particular beast with Kanye’s producer in New York and indeed notices some similarities. “Not saying he snatched,” T-Pain reasoned. “But I’m claiming inspiration.”

Currently, producer credits on the track only list Kanye, DJ Clark Kent, CBMIX, and Ronny J. There’s no further indication as to which producer first gained possession of the beat.

T-Pain went on to address the situation in a separate tweet,, by simply retweeting the original post with a caption that read, “I can’t have nothing.”

Laughing emojis would have us believe that Teddy isn’t too worried about his possible role in crafting the beat, or he could quite possibly be virtually laughing through the pain, no pun intended.

Listen to both clips and decide for yourself. Does T-Pain have a case here?