After taking a hit last night (July 21), Tory Lanez returns with a tweet that once again caused him to go viral. Lanez has been the talk of Hip Hop after Rap icon Cassidy called him out for stealing his bars. Cassidy shared a video that showed back-to-back clips of himself versus Lanez's freestyles, and soon, conversations regarding what constitutes as "paying homage" ran rampant.

Lanez returned with an explanation, calling Cassidy one of his favorite rappers while noting that he gave the Rap veteran a shout-out on his latest freestyle. That wasn't enough for critics and Lanez found himself on the receiving end of harsh reactions.

About an hour ago, Tory Lanez returned to Twitter, this time with a tweet that captured the attention of his repeat collaborator T-Pain. "My goal is to make a BILLION DOLLARS , HELP THE WORLD AND GO BACK AND SIGN T PAIN," Lanez wrote. It was chalked up as a joke by fans, but T-Pain couldn't pass up the opportunity and issued a response.

"This bout the most light skinned thing I’ve read today and it ain’t even night time over here yet," the auto-tune icon replied. Last year, following the shooting incident involving Megan Thee Stallion and Lanez, T-Pain reportedly held off on releasing his collaboration with Lanez and Ty Dolla $ign.

Although this seems to be a playful exchange, social media users have once again brought Lanez'ss recent controversies into conversations. Check out the recent brief exchange below.

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