T-Pain was an interesting figure when he came onto the music scene in the mid-2000s. While many found his music to be catchy, others were weirded out by his use of autotune. T-Pain used autotune more than any other artist at the time and eventually, almost every singer was using it too. Some felt like this cheapened the art of singing although, since that time, many have realized that T-Pain's natural voice is quite incredible and that the criticism from decades ago was overblown.

Recently, T-Pain got to be part of a brand new ad-campaign with Ruffles which actually makes fun of his autotune use. While speaking to Billboard, T-Pain said he wanted to own it and that no matter how much he gets criticized, he will never apologize for using autotune.

“It’s about owning everything that makes you unique and makes you you and being unapologetic about it," T-Pain said. "So it’s about everything that I’ve been doing for a long time. Like when you bring up Auto-Tune and stuff like that, I didn’t apologize for that. I kept going, I kept pushing, regardless of how much backlash I got for it, regardless how much praise other people got for it above me.”

T-Pain has nothing to apologize for because without his forward-thinking mentality, we would have never gotten so many classics whether it be from himself or those he influenced.


Ethan Miller/Getty Images