T-Pain dropped his brand new mixtape The Iron Way earlier today, but don't call it a comeback. Speaking with HNHH recently, the auto-tune slinging singer spoke of the way the industry can frame a return from a hiatus as something it's not.

"The industry is that way. It's out of sight, out of mind," he explained. "It's not really a thing where you can just be great, and just be great forever. You can be great while you're putting songs out, but the second you stop putting songs out, then you're not great anymore. When you come back, people are always like 'oh my god, I forgot why I like you so much' and 'oh my god I forgot about these songs'. People have short attention spans."

Pain then got into his favorite feature on the tape, which he revealed was West Coast duo Audio Push, though their name initially misled him. "I thought it was gonna be two white DJs," he said, referring to the group's title sounding more like an EDM act than a rap group. "So I looked them up and saw they were two very normal black dudes, but the music was dope, and immediately I was like 'we gotta work'".

While it didn't make the final cut, the singer also detailed how he came about acquiring some unreleased Aaliyah vocals for his song "Girlfriend". "They were coming to me for a feature on the [posthumous] Aaliyah album," said Pain. "I did two songs for that album, and instead of accepting money, I was just like 'let me keep one of the songs'.

We're hoping the Aaliyah vox were cut to be included on the rapper's upcoming studio album, Stoicville, which the singer summed up in one incredible sentence "Pretty much everybody can suck a butt after this [album]. Suck a god damn butt."