Taco Bell is bringing their nacho fries back for a limited time and also at a higher price. The price now makes sense, as Taco Bell shows, in their new trailer, that they are sourced by Hollywood actor James Marsden from "another dimension."

The new ad, which looks like a combination of Interstellar, 2012 and a Taco Bell commercial, is "straight-faced" all the way through, to the point of even having an IMDB page dedicated to the fake movie, Taco Bell: Nacho Fries: Retrieval. They've done a good job mimicking the cookie-cutter blockbuster plot and tone of the single dad scientist-hero-everyman, who's thrust into a dangerous mission to save the planet:

The people behind the ad, at Taco Bell and Deutsche La, are not shy about praising themselves for the one-minute video. Marisa Thalberg, the Global Chief Brand Officer noted that "the tone that we've been striking really well with our work is it's all actually extremely sophisticated." Although "extremely sophisticated" may be an overstatement for the simple irony of a serious-looking trailer that's actually about nacho fries, the video has clearly had some thought put into it and Taco Bell will likely be rewarded. But wouldn't people have bought the nacho fries anyway?