Taco Bell is expanding their vast repertoire of unhealthy but addictive Mexican-inspired cuisine by introducing a line of tortilla chips that will satisfy people's cravings for their particular brand of fast food. 

Two of the three options will be flavoured with the company's customary hot sauces, offering consumers their Mild and Fire! flavours, with the third being a "classic" tortilla perfect for dips and homemade nacho platters.

The Mild chips will be spiced with chilli peppers and cumin, while the Fire! option will use jalapeños, chilli peppers and paprika to achieve its deisred flavour. Taco Bell chips will be sold exclusively in grocery and convenience stores alongside their closest relative, Doritos (as both are owned by PepsiCo.) The chips are expected to hit retailers in May; so for now, fans of the fast food chain will have to wait with bated breath until they finally arrive.

Naturally, people have been chiming in on Twitter revealing their excitement over this upcoming release: