G Herbo has been manifesting his birthday gift for the last last year and, finally, he's able to say he owns a Jeep Trackhawk.

In his 2019 song "I Want It", the Chicago rapper says: "I don't give a fuck, it's a hunnid/Know I'ma hit me one of 'em/I ain't copped a Trackhawk, Hellcat, nothin'/Gotta at least get me one of 'em." 

After a year of waiting, G Herbo can finally say that he's got a Trackhawk. And it came courtesy of his girlfriend, Taina Williams.

At his birthday party this week, Herbo freaked out when he realized that Taina had bought him a new Jeep, which goes for about $100K. However, his fans are forgetting about the price tag on one of these bad boys, comparing it to the Maybach that Herbo's ex Ari Fletcher bought for Moneybagg Yo. Because of that, people are coming for Taina, despite the fact that she listened to her man and got him what he wanted.

The supercharged vehicle is not even out yet, so Taina definitely had to pull some strings to secure it. But still, her name landed in the trending topics with people trashing her for only spending $100K on her man. But how much did they spend on their own partners? 

This is a beautiful gift and we're glad to see that G Herbo was as happy as he was, showering Taina in kisses after receiving this.

Happy birthday, Herb.