Since it was revealed in court documents that G Herbo and Taina Williams were expecting their first child together, the couple has been sharing more about their expanding family. Herbo faces charges in connection with allegations that he received trips and items from an identity fraud ring—charges that the rapper has adamantly denied. The Chicago artist has been relishing in the glow of his loving relationship as Taina has been modeling on her Instagram page, showing off her growing baby bump.

In court documents, Herbo's lawyer reportedly stated that the rapper and Taina were also engaged, and recently Herbo made it clear that he's protecting his family at all costs. In a video, the rapper said that he's willing to go toe-to-toe with any troll who disturbed Taina's peace.

"Hey look y'all. Y'all see my woman pregnant, and y'all tryin' to stress her out. I catch one of y'all trolls out in traffic, Imma slap the sh*t out y'all," said Herbo. "Female, Imma have somebody—ay, slap the sh*t out of 'em. All that comments, all that Instagram trollin', 2021 we ain't havin' none of that. I was being nice 2019, 2020. We slappin' the sh*t out trolls all from now on. We ain't being friendly. None of that cool sh*t. Sue me. Just sue me."

He's not playing about his family. Check out Taina posing for the Gram below.