We all know Drake has done tremendously well for himself, reaching the Forbes list as a shoo-in every single year. Fans have seen more than enough footage of the rapper's private plane, which received a lot of press after he purchased it a couple of years ago. While he's been flying private for much of his career at this point, the Toronto-based artist upped the ante and bought an entire plane for himself and his team, traveling via Air Drake whenever he's headed to a new city. We've never gotten a great look at the interior of the aircraft-- until now, we've seen lots of pictures and videos of the exterior design of the jet, as well as footage of Dan Bilzerian freaking out over how lavish it is, but one of Drake's buddies recently changed that by giving us all an inside view of how Drake is gliding every time he flies.

As shared by Akademiks on his page, a member of Drake's immediate circle posted a video tour of Air Drake recently, showing off the rapper's digs in the sky. As expected, Drake's plane is decorated nicer than most people's homes. From shiny gold detailing on the walls to a decked-out theatre room when he's trying to get some entertainment on his flight, the globally recognized superstar continues to show that he's got different kinds of money. 

Tom Szczerbowski/NBAE/Getty Images -- An aerial view of the private plane belonging to Drake

In case you missed it, a photo of Drake's $400,000 mattress recently resurfaced from last year, showing an even more intimate view of the rapper's life. Check that out here.

What do you think about Air Drake? How much would you pay to fly on this jet? Check out the video below.