In case you missed it, all three members of the Migos were guests on James Corden's late night show as they starred in an episode of Carpool Karaoke. The video was wildly entertaining as the Atlanta rap trio attempted to add their touch to a slew of songs, spitting their trademark adlibs to "Sweet Caroline." They even took Corden shopping, copping him an outfit that looked ridiculous on the host. At a certain point in the clip, Takeoff looked fed up as he sat in the back seat and fans have given him the meme treatment for it.

After his appearance on the show, The Last Rocket rapper has taken social media by storm as his supporters are finding his reaction to be insanely relatable. Takeoff is usually the least expressive of the crew, keeping a straight face throughout many of his interviews or appearances. Quavo and Offset do a lot of the talking, which was the case again on this episode of The Late Late Show, but his facial expression has caused many to break out in laughter. 

Check out some of the best memes below. Takeoff is coming off of his solo debut, releasing a new album a few weeks ago.