Talib Kweli is as outspoken as they come on social media, by virtue of carrying his act of consciousness to the new age. His latest ruse involved engaging the followers of conspiracy theorist Alex Jones into a circular debate, by which Kanye West's name was tossed around as live ammunition. A Jones disciple insisted that Talib Kweli "wished he was Kanye West," and was therein guilty of a "race-baiting mindset," eliciting an astonished response from the Brooklyn-bred rapper. 

In his Twitter response, Talib Kweli didn't fall back into a fetal position, and he certainly didn't come to Kanye West's defense over the inference of "counter-racism." Instead, he blamed the G.O.O.D. Music CEO for the emergence of Jonesian disciples on the Cyber frontier: "He's putting targets on our backs," Talib Kweli said in regards to Kanye's sphere of influence, and how it attracts bigotry.

As of now, Talib Kweli appears to be standing tall as Alex Jones peons descent upon his Twitter position. Pictured above is a "Free Alex Jones" getting suspended due to Talib Kweli's resilient defensive position on the platform. Kweli and Kanye West have always considered themselves to be friends, dating back to the community they forged with Mos Def, Common, and Bilal, among others. One thing's for certain, Talib Kweli doesn't mince his words, even at the risk of estrangement.