A controversy that began back in July 2020 continues to rear its ugly head. It was then that a random conversation on Twitter caught Talib Kweli's attention after a woman named Maya Moody remarked that he, Killer Mike, 2 Chainz, Chance The Rapper, and other notable artists have married light-skinned women, suggesting there is colorism among rappers. Kweli took offense and ever since that moment, he's been involved in an ongoing backlash against Moody. His fans have doxxed her personal information, the rapper has mentioned her on podcasts and interviews repeatedly, and Moody has shared that she lives in fear because she just wants it all to end.

Noname came forward to speak against Kweli's response to Moody, along with several other women, and recently, Kweli fired off a response. "Last year the rapper No Name compared me to Tory Lanez because she took the word of some stranger on the internet that I 'harass black women nonstop," he wrote.

Talib Kweli, Noname, Maya Moody, Harassment
Bryan Bedder / Stringer / Getty Images

"No Name is far from the only prominent person who fell for this. Because I defended myself, my family and other hiphop artists families, I was compared to someone who allegedly shot a black woman," Kweli continued. "I've never shot anyone. This morning, I was compared to R Kelly because of this. I've never raped anyone. But after seeing that R Kelly comparison, I thought, what would a person have to ignore and forget about me to believe that I was capable of such behavior? So many people in this culture were willing to completely throw me away on the lies of a stranger they never met, a stranger that has no reputation for adding anything at all to this culture."

Kweli spoke about this generation chasing "internet clout" in an attempt to seem "more 'woke' than the next man." A social media user made Noname aware of Talib Kweli's mention and she replied, "Lmao this is a lie. he was harassing a black woman online for like 3 weeks and myself and other women called that sh*t out. no one called him tory lanez. why are so many men this unwell ?"

Kweli's ongoing comments and tweets to and about Moody resulted in Twitter banning his account for harassment. Moody has sought legal counsel but shared last month that her lawyer told her there isn't much she can do. She claims, "Talib Kweli is still lying on, slandering and harassing me for talking about colorism. He has been since July 10, 2020. He HAS NOT STOPPED." Check it out below.