Kanye West's public persona is riddled with confusion. The entertainer has gone on a virtual political rampage, expressing political ideals with his usual candor. Ye has since announced his retreat from the political sphere to focus on his music. According to some of his recent tweets, Kanye feels like he was used by others to express ideas he wasn't actually trying to promote. 

In this spirit of discernment, Talib Kweli teased a track off a collaborative album he has been working on with Kanye West. The production began earlier this year, but one of the tracks' lyrics are still relevant considering what Kanye experienced this past week with Candace Owens.

Talib uploaded a clip of himself rapping to a part of this particular track, with a caption that sums up his feelings towards the Candace Owens situation and contextualizes the relevance of the bars he performs.

Me and @kanyewest started an album together last January. That same month Candace Owens trolled me on twitter and her followers called me all types of niggers and monkeys for months. Hey Ye it’s probably time to revisit this one... lyrics are timely AF. Welcome back.

Here's an excerpt of the lyrics:

N*ggas wanna play both sides
Like both sides got very fine people
One side wanna is fighting, playing the nazis
The other side is straight evil
If people wanting to be equal is a threat to you
And equality is death to you
You're probably sensitive about your testicles
We celebrate diversity with carnivals  festivals