Boldy James is not your average drug-talking and dealing rapper. It shows in his musical output, from his above par beat selection, to his descriptive and almost eloquent rhymes, Boldy is far from average. The Detroit player first surfaced on the rap scene with his very dope and album-quality mixtape, Trapper's Alley: Pro's & Con's and while he's had a slow rise, he's definitely built a solid base of fans and a buzz to match. 

Boldy returned to the mixtape circuit with Consignment: Favor For A Favor, which once more provided fans with insight into Boldy's life, which was, and still is, focused on the streets, and the pitfalls or pluses that come with living that sort of life. The biggest peeve we have with most "drug-dealing" rappers is that they are not actually about that life-- they just use that life to engage fans and paint a picture (case in point). Boldy paints that picture, for sure, but what he paints is reality, and you can tell that Boldy is only spitting about his life.

Boldy James has worked hard to perfect his rhymes. It's obvious from Trapper's Alley alone, which was only released when Boldy was 27-years-old, that Boldy Lego Blocks James puts time and thought into his raps. This isn't the "Oh, I don't write down my lyrics" type of shit. Apart from his lyrical ability, King James is also connected to several ill producers, who are essential to the quality of Boldy's raps. Since his debut mixtape, Boldy has worked with frequent collaborative producers like his cousin, Chuck Inglish, The Blended Babies, M. Stackz, Brains and Big Duke. On top of this, the Detroit native has been working frequently with producer The Alchemist on a debut album M.1.C.S. which is due out in September. 

Boldy recently released a leak called "Chirps," with production from Big Duke. The leak reminded us of why we love Boldy's raps in the first place, and so we had to reach out to him for our latest Track Breakdown segment. Boldy talks about "Chirps," his life in Detroit, and his upcoming untitled mixtape. We also connected with producer Big Duke to find out about that dope sample on "Chirps," how he originally met Boldy, their studio sessions together (which sound like great times), and his production style. 

Click through the images above to learn more about the ConCreatures rapper and Big Duke's collaboration. You should definitely listen to the song below first.