Although Nipsey Hussle has yet to release a debut album, the West Coast native keeps his fans locked with a steady flow of strong mixtapes. His Marathon series of mixtapes have seen Nipsey grow as an artist and evolve into someone unique in a rap game that is over-saturated with drug-talking and gang-affiliated rappers.

The Marathon is continuing with the upcoming third mixtape, TM3: Victory Lap. This project is sure to display Neighborhood Nipsey in his best form yet, if recent leaks are any indication. Although Nipsey tells us the tracklist hasn't been finalized, so some of these recent leaks may not make the tape, they nonetheless have been enjoyed by fans, who seemed almost starved for Nipsey content when they dropped. We decided to chop it up with Nipsey for Track Breakdown about one cut in particular, the soulful 9th Wonder-produced "Face The World."

While talking to Nipsey about the development and creation of "Face The World," Nipsey shows an awareness for his style of raps and his affinity for gangster talk, but he also shows a desire to go beyond all that, to do something bigger than raps about gang-banging. In "Face The World" Nipsey achieves his desire, showing maturity and postivity we don't see every day in hip-hop.

In our interview Nipsey talks to us about TM3, tells us what the mixtape is shaping up to be like-- he says it marks the beginning of something new, making us anxious to hear the final product. The rapper reveals that "Face The World" was freestyled, and only took about fourty-five minutes. 

We also got word from 9th Wonder about the beat creation, although he wouldn't divulge details about the very soulful sample.

Listen to "Face The World" below, and click through the images in the gallery above to find out what Nipsey & 9th had to say.